Absolutely nothing on Earth could have prepared me to hear the words, “Robin, you have cancer.”  Being someone who lives by the motto, “You don’t have to get ready, if you stay ready!” I felt beyond caught off guard.  Now what was I supposed to do?  I know shit happens… but damn!  Within a 9 month period I was diagnosed with two cancers; the first was discovered after my thyroid surgery which I was told was tiny and had been removed during the surgery, but this second cancer was not minor.  I was in serious trouble…

Here I was, married to the love of my life with 3 kids living on the East Coast, with absolutely no additional family members nearby.  What was I going to do???
I remember immediately thinking, “Robin, if you leave this Earth tomorrow, how are you living?  What will the people you leave behind say about you?  Is there anything that you want to do?”.  It was during that moment when I realized that I often put other people’s needs and wants before my own, and if I was going to beat cancer, I needed to redirect my focus inwards to ready myself for the fight!
As the weeks passed, I was prepped for surgery and began sharing the news with my family and close friends for what was to come.  I’ve always believed in angels, but found myself completely astounded and personally humbled by how many the Lord had placed in my immediate circle.  Although I consider one of the most important missions in life to be curating a circle of friends that will support and encourage you regardless of where you are in life, I never realized that I was also a very important piece of their curated circle.  The love and support my family and I received lifted my spirits everyday.  Another testament that no one makes it on their own!
Through 2 surgeries, 8 iron infusions, and 6 months of chemotherapy, I never felt sorry for myself.  Why?  Because I felt overwhelmingly blessed to be in a position to fight and fix my bad lifestyle habits that contributed to the cancer.  I needed to do everything possible so that I could stick around for my loving husband and beautiful kids, so my first step was self love.  What also helped me through and through was continuing to work with clients which gave me all the motivation I needed to keep it moving each day.  There’s just something about another individual needing my assistance to make them more confident and successful in their life that has the power to make me spring to my feet every morning!  I’ve always been so grateful to be able to make my passions my job.
My main reason for sharing this is because I want other people to take their health seriously, and it starts with putting yourself first.  I mean it!!! The picture above was taken 2 weeks prior to being diagnosed with colon cancer.  I looked healthy and happy, but the truth is I was 60 lbs overweight, 100% overworked and stressed to the max!
Over this past year, I have lost a total of 60 lbs by aggressively changing my eating habits, I’ve implemented self care rituals to help control stress and I’m finally strong enough to start working out again!  In July 2018, by the grace of God, I was declared Cancer Free and am now wholeheartedly committed to living my best life!!!




Colon Cancer Coalition

The American Thyroid Association

The American Cancer Association

Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation



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