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Spring is in the air! (Well, depending on where you live… it might not be as warm as you’d like… but those days are coming!) Your girl is so excited to break out the spring fits. I love the shapes, the colors, the textures, and the endless possibilities. Anything goes this season! You know I […]

Polished Finds: Spring 2024

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Here at POLISHED, I am committed to nurturing the confidence of professional women. It’s my passion to help them feel empowered in their professional journey. Enhancing your image and personal style is a key step in positioning yourself for the success you desire. But you have to have the tools to do it – and […]

The Spring 2024 Level Up Workshop – LIVE!

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Think that your style and image don’t impact your career trajectory? If so, you are misinformed, my friend— they 100% do. In fact, your image has the power to make or break every opportunity that comes your way. Moreover – it can have a positive OR negative effect on what doors open for you in […]

The Hard Truth: Your Image And Your Success

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I’m thrilled about the Top 10 Spring 2024 fashion trends! Fashion seasons offer a great opportunity to update our style and communicate our message to the world. Our appearance is a powerful means of communication, as it speaks volumes about our individuality and confidence. Let’s embrace the new Spring 2024 trends and upgrade our wardrobe […]

Top 10 Spring 2024 Fashion Trends

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As an executive image consultant and personal stylist, it’s my job to stay up-to-date with the latest fashion trends and predict what’s coming next. If you’ve been following my blogs and social media, you know that I am dedicated to showing the Polished Woman what trends are wearable and will translate into the real world. […]

Top 5 Spring 2024 Runway Shows, Get Inspired!

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Do you feel stressed every morning when you’re getting dressed? Do you feel like your professional image doesn’t match your skills? If so, you might need a plan and some guidance. That’s why, my friend, I’m sharing my secrets with you today. You can get my FREE download of The Polished ID™ Playbook and start polishing […]

The Polished ID™ Playbook

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Welcome to the New Year, my friends! I hope all of you are staying safe and warm during this Winter weather! I know that this freezing season can often be the least exciting time to get dressed. We all just want to be in three pairs of sweatpants. However, you don’t have to choose comfort […]

Polished Finds: Winter 2024

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My friends, I’m so excited to announce that my episode on the Sugar Coated Podcast is now live! I had an incredible conversation with Adrienne Garland, a successful entrepreneur, producer, and champion of women around the world. It was such a pleasure to chat with her about my journey and my work. Click HERE to […]

Polished on the Sugar Coated Podcast!

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Does anyone else feel like 2023 absolutely flew by!? I can’t believe we’re about to celebrate Christmas and ring in the New Year! You know that I love to look forward, plan, and take action – but I also have to remind myself to take the time to reflect, too. The past is your greatest […]

Year In Review: Most Popular Polished Posts

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As a current (or future!) client of mine, you probably already know what I’m about. Polished is built on my belief that authentically, intentionally showing up as yourself is how you’ll get to where you want to be. And I’ve realized recently that I want to start showing up more for y’all as ME! It’s […]

From Passion To Profession: My Journey As An Image Consultant

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One of my favorite things to share with you are gifts ideas for your loved ones! We know the holidays are all about giving, and you are probably stressing out about what you’ll buy everybody. Whether it’s your best friend, daughter, mom, aunt, or co-worker–I have some great gift ideas for you! I have hand-picked […]

Holiday 2023: Gifts For The Polished Woman

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Picture this: you’ve been working at your company/organization/agency for years. Everyone there knows what you do, and they know you do it well. Life is fine. You don’t hate where you are, but you wish you were happier. Maybe your position hasn’t changed much. Or you’ve only been making lateral moves. But you keep getting […]

Are Your Image And Wardrobe Holding You Back?

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