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Do you feel stressed every morning when you’re getting dressed? Do you feel like your professional image doesn’t match your skills? If so, you might need a plan and some guidance. That’s why, my friend, I’m sharing my secrets with you today. You can get my FREE download of The Polished ID™ Playbook and start polishing […]

The Polished ID™ Playbook

Personal Style, Professional Image

Successful women understand that their professional image and style are vital to their success. Although it may be uncomfortable to admit, the way we present ourselves plays a significant role in how others perceive us and how we feel about ourselves. Therefore, when we enhance our appearance, we become more visible, our voices are heard, […]

What Is Professional Style And How Can You Discover It?

Personal Style, Professional Image

My friend, I’m going to get right down to it: I believe that you should never pass up on a chance to invest in yourself! When you’re a very busy woman and you haven’t got all day, it’s easy to only spend time on what everyone else needs… and not yourself. It’s easy to come […]

10 Reasons To Invest In An Image Consultant Now

Personal Style, Professional Image

Robin Fisher works with a client in a bright, sunlit room, showing her a black blazer.

Are you overwhelmed every time you go to get dressed in the morning? Are you confident in what you bring to the table professionally, but your image doesn’t match? What you need is a strategy and a guide, my friend. So I’m spilling my secrets for you today with a FREE download of The Polished […]

The Polished ID™ Playbook

Personal Style, Professional Image

It’s officially summer, and you know what that means, my friend. We all want to get outside immediately after spending the whole day inside the office, and enjoy a cocktail on a patio in the sunset! And we’re going to look damn good while doing it, too. Worried about looking too formal for your evening […]

3 ways to transition your outfit after work

Personal Style, Professional Image

Covid did a job! If you think you’re the only one struggling to get dressed in the morning, trust me my friend – you are not alone. For months during Covid, we all lounged around in our stretch pants and sweats. No one was worried about their appearance and professional image. But now that it’s […]

Still struggling with getting dressed in the morning? Here’s why…

Personal Style, Professional Image

Wondering how to spice up your wardrobe this Spring season? You can easily update your looks with just a few key pieces! I have hand-picked some of the most stylish and versatile pieces every professional woman should own. So, whether you’re going to the office, running errands, or need fashion inspiration this season–check out the […]

Three Items Every Professional Woman Needs this Spring

Beauty & Health, Personal Style, Professional Image

As you head back into the office, it’s time to level up your professional image to ensure you look the part and feel confident going to work! I’ve curated three mindset shifts you need to make that will help you do just that! Looking the part will help elevate you into those spaces you’re striving […]

3 Mindset Shifts You Need to Level Up Your Professional Style & Image

Personal Style, Professional Image

Every time we enter a new season, our wardrobe has to change accordingly. I love keeping up with recent trends, accessories, and finding items that make getting dressed effortless and fun! This season’s trends have especially been great because we are always surprised by what’s “in style”. However, I know our professional image can sometimes […]

Update Your Professional Wardrobe with These Fall 2022 Fashion Finds

Personal Style, Professional Image

Your image and style say a lot about who you are and can influence the way you are perceived and approached in your life and career. It’s not always easy to feel 100% confident and use your image as your super power. However, it is possible for you to feel empowered by your style and […]

How to Fall in Love With Your Wardrobe

Personal Style, Professional Image

There is a connection between how we look and how we feel. Our image and style aren’t solely dependent on our physical appearance and features–it’s how we carry ourselves, what we communicate to the world, and how authentic we feel in our skin. I have gone through most of my personal and professional life using […]

3 Reasons Why Your Personal Style Can Professionally Hold You Back

Personal Style, Professional Image

As a woman, I know how hard we can be on ourselves. But, as an image consultant and style coach, I see the struggles some women face regarding confidence and self-esteem. Now, I know it’s easier said than done–but we need to own our style and use our confidence as our superpower! As professional women, […]

How to Overcome Feeling Insecure About Your Image

Personal Style, Professional Image

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