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Level up how you show up

Let me be honest, Covid took the American fashion industry, like many others, for a spin and not in a good way. During the past three years, we have been presented with a mess when we enter retail stores. None of the assortments make sense because we have been looking at old products. Not to […]

Why You Might Hate the Current Fashion Trends

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The image and style you present to the world is your visual business card. It tells the world: who you are, what you do, and what you stand for. Therefore, your style and image have the power to change your life and position you for success! So, if you’re ready to level up your appearance, […]

4 Mindset Shifts You Need to Make About Your Image and Style

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When I work with my clients to help them find their authentic image and style that they love and feel confident in, I’m really helping them develop their personal brand. What we wear and how we carry ourselves say a lot about who we are without us having to say a word. We are able […]

How to Create Your POLISHED Personal Brand

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Fall is HERE and I have the perfect Polished Fall 2022 Finds for my Polished Women ready to make a statement! I want you all to show up ready and dress confidently as we begin the Fall season. This season is about new beginnings and transitioning. It gets us excited about the cooler weather and […]

Polished Fall 2022 Finds

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Your image and style are your super powers and can be used to position you for success. What you wear and how you wear it is your communication tool that tells people who you are and that you mean business!

5 Steps to Developing Your Confident Image and “Looking the Part”

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Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back and all the fall decor has hit the shelves! I’m so excited about the temperature cooling down, all the fall activities, and mostly, the Fall fashion! I’m headed to NYFW next week and I can’t wait to see the street style in the city. It’s amazing to see industry professionals […]

How to Find Your Personal Style this Fall 2022

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No one is ever ready to hear the words, “You have Cancer”. I remember my heart stopping for a brief moment, but honestly I already knew something was wrong. 5 years ago, I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer, a diagnosis that would change my life and how I lived it forever. I was blessed to […]

My Cancer Journey – Robin Fisher

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Fall is just around the corner and I have MORE Pre-Fall Finds for my Polished Women! I want you all to show up ready and dress confidently as we approach the Fall season. This season is about new beginnings and transitioning. It gets us excited about the cooler weather and holiday spirits! Since Fall fashion […]

POLISHED 2022 Pre-Fall Clothing Finds

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This post contains affiliate links. By using my links to shop I may receive a small commission (at no cost to you). Thanks for supporting POLISHED. Fall is right around the corner and I want my Polished ladies to be ready! Although I love Summer–I have to admit, Fall is definitely my favorite season. This season […]

Polished Pre-Fall Finds

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  I’m Robin Fisher, the CEO and Sr. Stylist of Polished Image and Style.  Thank you for checking out the blog!  I love assisting my clients with achieving their personal style and image goals.  I truly believe that you can dress for the life you want, and great style is one of the keys to […]

Robin Fisher + Capital Standard

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  I want to give a huge thank you to Bethesda Magazine for this amazing feature in the May/June 2017 issue!  The weather has sprung, and this summer it’s all about weddings, outdoor socials, and looking amazing.  Nothing is easier on a hot day, then throwing on a dress and hitting the streets!  Get my […]

Polished Featured- Bethesda Magazine


The Washingtonian is one of my favorite local magazines that I truly rely on to keep me in the know. Therefore, I’m thrilled to be a contributor this month in the Makeover Magic article.

Washingtonian Magazine – Polished Mention

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