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As someone whose body has been everything from a size 6 to a size 20, I’m proud to say that I’ve learned to show myself grace and accept my body at every size. Now, I’m not saying that I like having extra weight on these bones, but what I do know is that feeling sorry […]

How to Accept Your Current Body to Create Personal and Professional Confidence

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It’s officially summer, and you know what that means, my friend. We all want to get outside immediately after spending the whole day inside the office, and enjoy a cocktail on a patio in the sunset! And we’re going to look damn good while doing it, too. Worried about looking too formal for your evening […]

3 ways to transition your outfit after work

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Are you still rocking your sweats that you wore during Covid? Think that just because you’re working from home and no one can see you, it doesn’t matter? I promise you, my friend – wearing your Covid-era sweats is affecting your professional image! And I’m here to tell you that it’s time to get dressed. […]

Why wearing your Covid-era sweats is affecting your professional image

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When updating your wardrobe for warmer months, don’t miss going through your makeup bag, too! You heard me right. It’s not just your clothes that need a good spring cleaning! Let me show you how to update your look with these spring/summer 2023 makeup trends! Let’s be honest: you wouldn’t wear dark, moody shades with […]

Update Your Look With These Spring/Summer 2023 Makeup Trends

Beauty & Health, Professional Image

I wish that when every professional woman woke up in the morning, she felt confident from the jump! But unfortunately, my friend, that’s just not the case. Confidence is something we all need to work on from time to time. And that’s especially true when we are ready to level up! Therefore, if you’re conducting […]

4 things every professional woman should do to confidently look the part!

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Wardrobe basics are the best foundation for any professional woman’s wardrobe – but it’s the updated on-trend items that will send the message that your knowledge is current, and you know what’s going on in the world. This is especially true if you work at a senior level! Are you ready to update your business […]

3 Business Casual Wardrobe Items You Need To Update Your Style Now!

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A woman in a checkered blazer stands in front of a rack of clothing and holds up a yellow translucent button down shirt.

If you think that you’re the only one that looks in the mirror while getting dressed every morning and says to herself, “This is not it!” – trust me, my friend, it’s not just you. As many professional women start returning to the office, we have a very important question on our minds: “Am I […]

4 reasons why you’re not getting dressed appropriately for the office

Personal Style, Professional Image

In today’s competitive global society and job market, it’s more important than ever to focus on your image! If you’re not taking your professional appearance seriously, it just might be stopping you from getting ahead. Worried this could be the case? Read on, my friend – I wrote this just for you! As soon as […]

Not taking your professional appearance seriously is stopping you from getting ahead

Personal Style, Professional Image

A women dressed in a black suit and white shirt stops in front of a mirror to take a look.

Asos – Curve Have you ever gotten upset because you know you wear a size 10, but then when you’re trying things on, the size that fits is a size 12 (or even a 14)? If so, it’s not you my friend – it’s the clothes! As a woman that has been every size imaginable during […]

Spring 2023: Shop The Right Brands for Your Body Type

Personal Style

Woman in a green plisse button down and pants matching set from Asos.

Spring is in full bloom! I don’t know about you, but I was more than ready to start breaking out my spring pieces after such a long winter. I’m outside enjoying this weather every chance I get, and I’m making sure I look damn good while doing it! When putting together a spring outfit (really […]

Polished Finds: Spring 2023 Sandals

Personal Style, Professional Image

Covid did a job! If you think you’re the only one struggling to get dressed in the morning, trust me my friend – you are not alone. For months during Covid, we all lounged around in our stretch pants and sweats. No one was worried about their appearance and professional image. But now that it’s […]

Still struggling with getting dressed in the morning? Here’s why…

Personal Style, Professional Image

As you head back into the office, it’s time to level up your professional image to ensure you look the part and feel confident going to work! I’ve curated three mindset shifts you need to make that will help you do just that! Looking the part will help elevate you into those spaces you’re striving […]

3 Mindset Shifts You Need to Level Up Your Professional Style & Image

Personal Style, Professional Image

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