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I’ve spent my entire life working in and around fashion. So, when I’m asked how women can achieve amazing style, I start with telling them to avoid three mistakes. They’re not the cliches that most women are used to hearing: wearing white after Labor Day; over-accessorizing looks; even socks with sandals. They’re the mistakes I see too many women make and some don’t even know they’re doing it! If you feel like you have been struggling with your personal and professional image, then keep reading. Find out these three personal style and image mistakes to avoid!

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Mistake #1

Comparing Yourself to Others

I know it’s easier said than done, but this is the biggest mistake you can do to yourself. So, STOP comparing yourself to others! Honor your own beauty and uniqueness. If seeing other women is a trigger for you to compare yourself–then manage what you see. The easiest way to do this is by auditing the content you admire. I understand social media can be a toxic place. But just like your closet–when you curate it in a way that speaks to your tastes and lifestyle, then it can benefit you. So, I recommend following fashion and style influencers that have similar bodies and style taste as you.

Let seeing other women and being inspired by them be a healthy practice. I’ve had to learn how to do this myself, but once I stopped comparing myself, it changed my attitude and helped me become more confident in myself.

Mistake #2

Thinking Everything Off the Rack is Supposed to Fit You Perfectly

This is an inevitable way to set you up for insecurity. We know that not all clothing is designed to look the same on everybody. Take it from someone who has worked in corporate fashion for over 20 years. Having led teams that manufacture the clothing you shop in stores–I can confirm that designers do not have your body in mind when measuring and deciding on sizes. It is rare that a garment will fit you perfectly straight off the rack without a nip or a tuck. That’s why it’s important to have a go-to tailor to help you adjust to your body type.

The next time you’re shopping or flipping through a catalogue–keep in mind that some pieces are going to look different on you than they do on somebody else. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. We just need to establish what works, looks, and feels the best on YOU!

Mistake #3

You Must Follow Every Trend to Stay in Style

Absolutely not! Trying to stay trendy can be exhausting and you will come off as trying too hard. Although I love a little wardrobe refresh every season–great style comes from having a collection of quality basics in your wardrobe. Invest in the best quality and fitting wardrobe basics you can afford. That way they last and you don’t have to worry about updating them so often. They will also be easily paired with so many different pieces, so no one will even know you’re wearing the same basics.

As an Image Consultant and Professional Stylist, I find myself having to keep up with trends. However, that doesn’t mean I go out of my way to dress based on the current trends and constantly buy random pieces. I have to stay informed so that I can make recommendations and help you find what you like best!

Photo of Pinterest Pin titled: Personal Style and Image Mistakes to Avoid.

After reading these personal style and image mistakes to avoid in order to help you have amazing style, have you found yourself guilty of any? As women, we can be in any stage of life and feel like we’ve lived a thousand different lives at once. So if you’re looking for more guidance and tips on keeping up with your own personal style, sign up for the weekly Polished newsletter! You’ll receive alerts of our new blog posts weekly, as well as be the first to know when we have openings to our style programs and courses.

Take control of your personal and professional style and image so that you are always dressed for success and feel confident in your skin. I’m here to help you every step in your style journey and develop your look that will level up how you show up!

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