it's time to reclaim your personal style and LEVEL UP?

Take the QUIZ!

Watch, phone, lipstick, and other jewelry on a white surfaces.
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We know first impressions are everything!

Every woman makes a statement when she enters the room with her personal image and style, so I say make it count, my friend! 

The human nature of people is to measure each other up at first glance. Be honest, you know you do it too, it’s natural!

Based on your first impression, people immediately make assumptions about your social life, economic level, professional status, and more.

Your personal style has the power to communicate who you are and what you stand for to the world. Therefore, curate an assortment of daily basic statement items that you LOVE. Let’s accomplish that with the help of the 5 Style Items to Level – Up Your Style!

White background with watch, phone, leather goods, and accessories.
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Below are the 5 Style Items to Level – Up Your Style. These items will have a huge impact on your personal style by wearing them every day. Remember there’s no shame in being selective while shopping, so take your time. If you are looking for additional tips on how to look more POLISHED check this post out!

Quality Watch

Every POLISHED woman should invest in a quality watch. A beautifully crafted watch serves as arm candy yes, but also sends a message in the business world that you are on time and ready to handle business.

Fashion Jeans

Today, jeans can be worn in both your casual and professional life. The pair you choose (distressed, skinny, wide leg, etc.), directly impacts your style and image. Investing in a few pairs of perfectly fitted jeans are a MUST. Are you a classic lady or are you updated and edgy?

Classic Handbag

A handbag is the one item you don’t want to skimp out on. Every woman should own a quality handbag appropriate for her lifestyle. Make sure you pick a color to nicely compliment your existing wardrobe, whether that is keeping neutral or adding a pop of color!

Shoe Game

There is nothing better than a comfortable pair of shoes! Every season, I recommend evaluating your style needs and investing in a few updated pairs. As a pro tip, pick up some that will coordinate back to your favorite handbag.

Statement Lipstick

Pick your favorite lipstick color and brand it as your own! I personally love rocking a red lip and have perfected my shade. If you are feeling fancy, add similar shaded lip liner to add definition, and PERFECT your lip.


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