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Just because the new norm is meetings happening behind a computer screen, does not mean you should underestimate the impact of your appearance on screen. In fact, now is the time to be focusing on it, since webcam quality seems to almost morph the way we actually look. If you look AND feel great you’re guaranteed to produce even greater work. Listed below are 5 Ways to Look Your Best on Zoom!

  1. Lead with Color – To ensure you have a bold presence on the video call. If you choose to wear a neutral color instead (Black, Navy Blue, Grey or White), make sure you have great makeup on, with a bold lip.
  2. Be bold, add a statement necklace – This will focus your viewers eyes on your face, and what you are saying. For extra inspo, take a look at these tops that are Zoom ready.
  3. Elevate your camera – To look slimmer and more engaged, elevate your web camera on a few books. This will ensure your head will be held high for good eye contact, and you’re not looking down. Looking down will make your face appear larger.
  4. Prioritize good light – Make sure to sit near a window for natural lighting, or you can use a lamp behind your screen if that is not possible. You might have to remove the lamp shade for full effect.
  5. Make sure you’re READY! – Don’t turn on the video and audio until you are ready.
The Five Steps You Need To Look Your Best on Zoom | Polished Image and Style | 5 Ways to Look Your Best on Zoom (CLICK) to read more
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With the world still remaining primarily virtual, how you show up virtually is imperative. Paying attention to these details will ensure confidence in your online workspace therefore further leading to your SUCESS!

PRO TIP – if you are finding yourself rushing in the morning, download the Weekly Wardrobe Planning Worksheet, and get dressed in the morning with ease!


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