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How to Look Attractive with Minimal Effort this Summer

Finally, it’s Summer time and the living’s easy! Or it’s supposed to be… right? So why not learn how to look attractive with minimal effort so you can stop wasting time getting ready and start L-I-V-I-N-G it up and truly enjoying this Summer.

Especially since it’s a season when there’s no need to worry about wearing additional layers, let’s embrace the effortless beauty that Summer welcomes. Yes, I’m talking about you reading this! You don’t need a collection of potions or to lose a few pounds to look effortlessly beautiful.

Summer Tips: How to Look and Feel Attractive!

You do, however, need to incorporate some quick tips, which I am more than happy to share with you. The following is a list of 10 things you can do to help you look attractive effortlessly.

  1. Wear a bold lipstick to make yourself come alive.
  1. Have 5 dresses that you can throw on, so you can look amazing and keep it moving!
  1. Always wear your basic accessories to finish your look.
  1. Schedule bi-weekly manicures and pedicures to stay groomed, it’s sandal season.
  1. Invest in quality basic colored shorts or capris (Black, White, Navy, Denim) that can easily be paired with tank tops and short sleeve blouses.
Feel Attractive : How to Make Sure You Always Look & Feel Beautiful
  1. Adopt a basic skin regimen. There is nothing like healthy and natural glowing skin on a hot Summer day.
  1. Update your handbag and sandals and make sure they coordinate so you can wear them daily with all your looks.
  1. Hire a tailor to perfect your fit! There is nothing better than knowing your clothes are fitting you in all the right places.
  1. Be mindful of your posture. Straighten your back, relax your shoulders, and place your feet hip distance apart. This stance will make you appear confident and feminine.
  1. Smile! It’s free and the best way to let your true beauty shine through…

Finally, if you are wondering about how else you can look and feel beautiful every single day, it may be time to become familiar with your personal taste level.

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