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I don’t know about you, but I am on a mission to have an absolutely incredible Summer! First and foremost, this Summer is about celebrating our best selves. So let’s look fabulous while doing so, right?

Luckily, Summer style is simple. No need to worry about layers and re-applying chapstick countless times. Now it’s more about staying fresh and re-applying sunscreen and blotting powder! As women, we want to look great year-round. Summer is no exception, no matter how hot it is. Now, like I always say, there is a good balance when it comes to dressing and the weather.

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Bring On the Heat

I completely understand why you would want to wear as minimal clothing as possible to keep from overheating, but don’t get skimpy. Remember, you want anything you put on your body to represent your best self. And you can still stay cool while looking fashionable and polished even in the heat.

This is where paying attention to lengths and fabrics is important. If Summertime brings in a humid climate where you live, consider opting for clothing items made out of linen. However, not everyone finds linen comfortable enough to wear. If linen isn’t for you, then try adding more dresses or skirts to your wardrobe to keep it breezy. There are various alternatives to staying cool that don’t involve a bra as a top and booty shorts. Most importantly, it is possible to find items that you feel comfortable and confident in for the Summer months.

Top Five - Summer Fashion Must Haves! | Image of woman in sage slip dress holding a black clutch

If you read my last blog post, you’d know that I believe Summer time living should be easy! That’s why I love writing posts for you all—to make your lives easier. With that being said, having some solid items in your Summer wardrobe will help you get dressed quicker. Also, you won’t even have to put too much thought into making sure you look amazing. I promise!

Finally, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. When it comes to Summer outfits, I want you to be fully prepared. So I’ve made a list of 5 irresistible must haves that you can easily incorporate to your Summer 2021 wardrobe rotation.

5 Summer Must Haves

1. Solid Neutral Everyday Fashion Dress
2. Comfortable Fashion Slide
3.  Items with Bold Pop of Flattering Color
4.  Ankle Pants
5.  Strappy Dress Sandal

After seeing which items you’ve got to have this Summer, did you find anything you absolutely loved? If so, simply click on the item. You will then be taken to the corresponding store’s website to shop. Furthermore, feel free to save any of the vertical images to your Pinterest so you can refer back to this post in the future.

Additionally, when was the last time you brushed up on your Personal Style Statement? It could have shifted a bit and it’s something you need to be clear on to dress confidently no matter the season. Don’t panic! Just download your FREE Personal Style Statement Workbook and you’ll figure it out in no time.

Top 5 Summer Must Haves!

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