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Basic black crossbody and basic red pumps

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When you see that woman who looks amazing, I bet you didn’t know her secret was rocking the same 5 wardrobe basics year round. That’s right! A truly stylish woman knows how to transform the look of the same few items with the help of accessories and coordination.

I don’t know when the negativity towards outfit repeating originated, but let’s leave it in the past. It’s most certainly never a bad thing to create a stylish uniform for yourself. If you look flawless in a particular style of outfit, then by all means, ROCK that! As many times as you want. And the best news is, if a certain outfit includes basic silhouettes, you can totally change it up using amazing colors that make you come alive.

5 Wardrobe Basics that Every Woman Should Own

Basics are the foundation for every functioning wardrobe! To create an easy and POLISHED outfit without the stress simply rock your well fitting basic items with different fashion accessories or an updated fashion piece that makes it look like you go an entirely new wardrobe.

Also, to clarify… a basic item is something without any bells or whistles. No embellishments or anything that makes it unique. I know that my ladies with an artistic style personality are yawning by now, but basics are a MUST. In fact, you need them to anchor your fashion items with sophistication and ease!

Stylish woman is yellow skirt, white button down and black belt bag

Consider adding the following 5 wardrobe basics to your closet so you too can dress effortlessly Polished no matter the occasion!

Neutral Tank Tops

Updated Jeans

Tote or Crossbody Bag

Tailored Slacks

Classic Pumps

5 Wardrobe Basics that Every Stylish Woman Should Own

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