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SS21 Trend Report - Style Something You Love this Season

The Spring 2021 Trend Report has arrived! Use it as your guide to update your wardrobe this season. It’s time, yet again, to go through your Spring line up. See what stills fits, what’s practical for your current lifestyle, and if you have any basics needing updating. So if you find pieces that you see yourself no longer wearing, throw it into the donation pile. Remember, just as the seasons change and trends come and go, you evolve as a woman too!

Spring 2021 Style Trend Report - Stylish woman in pastel outfit carrying shopping bags

Also, I have to remind you that experimenting with trends is not strictly for 20-somethings. I don’t know who came up with that myth, but it is false! I suppose that it originated from the thought that when you’re just becoming a woman you are discovering who you truly are, but the truth is every single year that goes by, you align more and more with the woman that you have worked so hard to become. Wear what makes you feel most YOU! You may even discover a trend that becomes a lifelong favorite along the way.

Spring/Summer 2021 Trend Report - Click for links and Download
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Are you looking forward to incorporating some of these trends into your wardrobe this season? If so remember not to fill your wardrobe entirely with trends, basics make a wardrobe function effortlessly. A closet full of nothing but trends, can lead you to looking dated in a season or two.

Happy stylish woman dressed in pastels carrying shopping bags

Once you have a good idea of what’s in this season with the Spring 2021 Trend Report, you can play with ways to include them in your WFH Wardrobe.

2021 Style Trend Report - Stylish Robin posed in a chic orange zebra print button down and jeans

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