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3 Reasons Why You Need to Update Your Style in Your Fabulous 40s and Beyond - Robin's style

I will scream this from the rooftops… you can have style in your fabulous 40s and beyond! All you need to do is update! And it’s something as simple as keeping up with yourself and where you’re at in your life.

First off, if you haven’t already, it’s time to get rid of those party outfits from your 20s. I understand that clothing can hold sentimental value, but we have to be selective. Physical clutter affects your mind and well being too. If a fashion piece is simply from a time in your past when you were a totally different person and you’re not planning on passing it down to your daughter or niece, it has got to go!

"Playing Dress-Up Begins at Age Five and Never Truly Ends" ~Kate Spade

Next, take some time to evaluate yourself. Having a functioning wardrobe is all about keeping your closet aligned with your lifestyle. Are you dating? Focused on your career? Raising a family? So many factors need to be considered when deciding what items you’ll need to update your style.

Look Amazing in Your 40s and Beyond!
(style in your fabulous 40s)

I’ll give you 3 reasons…

…why it’s so important to not let yourself go and neglect your personal style. And it all starts from within:

  1. Being a woman is all about feeling attractive and beautiful. That desire does not change just because you are aging! The truth is as long as you take care of yourself, you actually can look better than you ever did as a younger woman!
  2. Confidence comes from knowing you look and feel the part! You’ve done the work to create your life. You know who you are. So it’s time to show up in the world looking and feeling amazing as YOU!
  3. Age is nothing but a number! I know that sometimes we can gain a little weight or let our skin regimen go. But it’s never too late to get yourself together and develop style and beauty routines that work for exclusively for you and your lifestyle.

So what do you say? Is it time to harness your unique style in your fabulous 40s? If you need a little guidance on where to start, Polished is ready to help you!

Why You Need to Update Your Style at 40!

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