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Northern Virginia Magazine feature - 2021

At the end of 2020, Northern Virginia Magazine reached out for my professional opinion on what styles would be IN during 2021. Otherwise known as our redemption year! I love letting audiences in on fashion tips and tricks, and was honored to be included. Any chance I get to share with women how they can dress to better their lives and confidence is something that I love to contribute to.

Ever since I could read, I remember looking to fashion magazines for all the latest trends. As a creative, inspiration didn’t just stop there. I also observed everyone’s street style whenever I would go into the city. San Francisco being a diverse and bustling city, meant I was exposed to so many incredible and contrasting styles! I am so grateful that I can inspire women of all maturity levels to dress how they love and that style needs to be perfectly tailored to their unique self.

Now, I often emphasize that you do not need a closet full of trends to stay stylish. But if a trend aligns with your style personality, then you can absolutely incorporate it into your wardrobe. While the opinions across the board all agreed on stylish comfort, be sure to wear what makes you feel your best!

Last but not least, itching to add some of the latest trends to your closet? I update the SHOP tab often on my website so you can order pieces you love and look up to date.

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