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Robin Fisher loves her outfit! Basic tailored black slacks with a bright floral cap sleeve.

Agonizing over what to wear in the mornings is truly not fun! Especially when you’re staring at a closet full of clothes and you know there has got to be something in there to create an outfit you LOVE!

We all have our favorite items… mine being the black Ralph Lauren dress I own that just keeps on giving!

A few years ago, I was told within 24 hours that I needed to rock a formal look for a magazine shoot highlighting me. When I tell you I pulled my favorite formal black dress from a bucket underneath my bed and added an updated accessory, I tell no lie!

So why is it that we can have so many issues putting together an outfit, when we know we have those awesome pieces in our existing wardrobe?

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You might need to edit your closet to ensure you can see all your items. Holding on to dated and ill fitting wardrobe items just creates clutter and makes it impossible to find your good stuff when it’s stuffed in the back of the closet. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve audited a woman’s closet, and she forgot her favorite jeans were even in there. So she’s been rocking the baggy pair that has faded and gives her absolutely no flair!


You need to update your accessories to make your look current. I love a good statement necklace, but wearing them too much can date your look. The current trend is delicate pendant necklaces that you can layer if you wish, or a nice bold chain necklace that you can rock with everything! You can check out the current jewelry trends by clicking HERE.


Getting your color right is very important! All color is not equal when it comes to the way it looks against your skin, hair, eyes, and even teeth. Individuals are naturally drawn to colors that resonate with them. However, it’s very important to ensure the color blends with you! No color should ever overpower your presence. I recommend taking a look at all of the items in your closet that you receive a lot of compliments in. Use these items as a guide when buying new items, and I swear it will make all the difference!

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