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One thing I know, is not everyone LOVES fashion and style like me! You do not have to be a fashionista to master your style.

I remember one time my husband asked me, “Do you have a hobby or do you just work all the time?”. I replied, “Yes, fashion!”. Even on vacation you can often find me flipping through magazines, or surfing the net looking at runway shows and new product arrivals.

What can I say? Your girl loves fashion! And I feel very blessed to have a successful career doing what I love everyday.

black + a pop of color = foolproof chic. anytime, anywhere, any outfit.

But for the beautiful women that honestly would rather be doing anything else besides shopping, you can master your style too… I have 3 Tips that will ensure you look amazing without having to deal with the stress:

  1. Keep Your wardrobe Simple Invest in basic neutral (Black, Navy, Grey, and Brown) items in a good quality fabric that have good fit. You’re not the type of person that wants to shop all the time. So having a solid foundation of wardrobe basics makes it easy for you to coordinate looks with updated fashion items.
  1. Master Your Color Palette – All colors are not for everyone. So you want to identify the colors that make you look and feel your absolute best. There is a good chance you already have these colors in your closet. I recommend sticking to a simple color palette of 6 Fashion Colors and 2 Neutral Colors that all blend together.
  1. Be Appropriate – Being a fashionista is not for everybody, but if you’re reading this post, “Being Appropriate” is. To ensure you’re appropriate, you always want to ask yourself these 3 questions:
      • Where am I going? (work, wedding, date, etc.)
      • Who is going to be there? (boss, ex-boyfriend, girlfriends)
      • What image or vibe do I want to give? (confident, intelligent, sexy)

So now, that’s all you really need to do! Fashion definitely does not have to be your thing, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with rocking GREAT STYLE!


3 Ways to Master Your Style for the Plain Jane

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