Tired of being in a style rut, need a strategy to get out?

Tired of being in a style rut,
need a strategy to get out?


How to Develop your Personal Style Statement Cover Image
How to Develop your Personal Style Statement…

As a young woman, I was always very conscious about the non-verbal statement that someone’s personal style communicated about them when they showed up in the world.

I’ve always loved to people watch, a habit I picked up as a little girl waiting in the car for my mother to get off of work in San Francisco.

I still find it very fascinating that someone can tell you their entire story simply by the way they are dressed!

During my life, I’ve experimented with many different styles, but nothing has made me more confident than the personal style that I created 100% with the fashion choices I loved. The fashion items that I truly felt connected to!

Develop Your Personal Style Statement!

When you step out into the world, you want to make sure you are making a STATEMENT! It does not have to be bold, but it should be intentional. Why? Because there’s nothing like walking down the street and loving the reflection you see in the mirror. Like, “Hey girrrlll” (LOL, all of that)!

Develop Your Personal Style Statement!

Are you in a place in your life where you’re ready to get yourself together, or step it up a notch?

About 30 years ago in college, I started writing down a Personal Style Statement, that I could keep in mind when I’m presenting myself to the world. Throughout the years, I’ve refined it, redefined it, and even found myself clueless about it (LOL). But the point is, I made how I show up in the world a priority. And it has made all the difference in elevating my life!

So I want to share my Personal Style Statement Workbook with you. Download it for FREE by clicking below…

P.S. After you are done, take the next step. Find out how to get your personal style back on track by taking the style QUIZ!