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Whether you’re new to the WFH life or it’s something you’ve been doing for a while now, there must have been some point where you just felt completely lost about what to wear for the day.

And just to make it clear… staying in sweats and PJs all day is the quickest way to make you feel BLAH!

But take it from me, someone who has gone from the formal corporate world to working at home — I know what it’s like to make the transition! And especially with concerns of COVID-19 presently changing the way businesses are operating, you may be finding yourself putting in hours at your own residence as well.

Work from home women's outfits

Right now we are living in a time of uncertainty and I do not want picking out what you’re going to wear from day-to-day to be another unknown! So to alleviate any stress and confusion about the Work From Home (WFH) dress code, I have created a FREE guide that you can download to help you get dressed with ease in the morning!

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I bet that you’ll even be surprised to find out you already have some staples in your closet! Let’s crack this WFH dress code together! Click the link below to download your free guide today!

Ebook Cover - Work From Home Wardrobe Capsule

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Build a work from home wardrobe capsule guide
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