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Take the QUIZ!

With so much going on during these unprecedented times, it’s so important that we de-stress, and take care of ourselves…

I personally, love to go out and about everyday to socialize with people, however, now is not the time. Please do your part in staying home, if you can, to keep each other safe.

Although I know this is a very difficult time for all of us around the world, this time will pass…

So let’s focus on what we have control of, and commit to emerging after this is over as our BEST SELF!

Let’s take this time to read the books we never have time to get to, listen to the music that feeds our souls, and spend the time with your loved ones that we crave for when you’re busy working, and rocking and rolling around the clock.

The past few weeks have been hectic, but we’ve got to keep ourselves together. And this is a perfect time to renew or bodies and nourish our natural beauty.

Check out my personal 5 Step Renewal Ritual to recharge below, guaranteed to get you relaxed and keep you looking and feeling amazing.

Use this down time to rest your skin and hair from all the harsh daily routines and over drying beauty products.

Block off a few hours during your day, pour a glass of your favorite beverage, and burn your favorite candle. Next turn on your favorite playlist, and prepare to re-energize your beauty by following these simple 5 steps:

1 – Refresh the Body

Start a hot shower and build steam in your bathroom by keeping the door closed for a few minutes. The steam will clear your system and open your pores. Work up a nice lather with your favorite soap, cleanse your body until you feel totally refreshed. Then use an exfoliant (I like sea salt or sugar), and scrub your skin squeaky clean, removing all the dead skin. Finish up with another nice lather of soap, shave and moisturize with your favorite body cream.

2 – Rejuvenate the Face

Professional facials are nice, but doing them weekly at home definitely has its benefits on your skin and the way your daily makeup looks. Follow these steps with your favorite products and I promise your natural skin will truly glow!

  • Deep Clean Your Face
  • Apply Facial Scrub
  • Use 10-20 Minute Facial Mask
  • Moisturize Skin
  • Groom Brows

3 – Moisturize Your Mane

Between the styling tools, weather, and chemicals, our hair sure does take a beating. During this time, deep condition your hair with the protein or moisture it needs.

I’m personally keeping all the heat out of my hair as much as possible until I have to go to work. I’m also using natural oils such as coconut oil and Moroccan oil to boost it with moisture!

4 – Groom Your Nails

Manicured nails are always a sign of good taste. Spend a few minutes cutting and moisturizing your cuticles and shaping your nails. I love using a clear glossy polish to finish them off! (Simple and Done)

5 – Release and Renew Your Thoughts

Now, look in the mirror and begin to think about the best version of you in the future. Because we definitely have future work to do!

Think about your goals, and the steps you will need to take to get there, and journal them.

Use this time to embrace, secure or up-level where you are in your life based on your personal goals. This is the time to strengthen, and reset ourselves, making sure we are ready for business when the time comes.

Also, download the Weekly Wardrobe Planning Worksheet to make sure you get dressed in the morning with out all the stress. (Download)

Much Love,


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