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Can I just say, that sometimes I feel like I have it all together, and the next I’m falling apart! Sometimes I feel like LIFE is one big hustle, but then other times I like to slow down and truly smell the coffee and enjoy the fruit of my labor.

Last year, I realized that I’m not the only woman that feels this way! So I developed the 5-Day Clarity Challenge to assist multi-passionate women, like myself, in moving forward past the Bull S!#% (yep, I said it) and get to living their best life in style!

I received so much positive feedback about the challenge which is why I’m so excited to do it all again, especially at the turn of the century! I know I’m not the only one ready to light 2020 up in my personal and professional life.

Ruts can be difficult, especially when you’re not in the mood. LOL! But hey, we’ve got to get moving. As we all know, “time waits for no one.”

So I’ve created a 5-Day Clarity Challenge using the steps that I follow to identify what’s currently holding me back (I say currently because life is constantly evolving) and zapping the energy and confidence I need to get focused and project myself forward.

I’m so excited to share this process with you! Trust me, it’s a GAME CHANGER.

Who is this challenge for?

  • This challenge is for YOU if you’re frankly tired of feeling stagnant and ready to get back to the good part of LIFE! You’ve worked hard, you’re successful, but there’s something else you crave in your personal life or career. You just need a little help on focusing and clearing out the mental clutter so you can move on and get to it!
  • You understand that life is too short to feel overwhelmed, tired, and stressed all the time. So you’re ready to ignite your inner warrior and attack what’s holding you back from the life and success you deserve PERIOD!

During this 5-Day Challenge you’ll…

  • Identify the issues holding you back and create the strategies you need to practice daily to combat them head on! You were not put on this earth to be defeated.
  • You’ll reconnect with your authentic self and redefine your personal image based on who you are today. Sometimes the issue merely is we are not addressing the fact that, as individuals, we have changed. Personal growth is a beautiful thing if we allow it.
  • Take back control of your life with a purpose! One thing I know about the Polished woman is regardless of where she is in her life, she is powerful and needs to control her own destiny.

How the challenge will go down… as simple as 1-2-3.

1. The 5-Day Clarity Challenge will start on Wednesday, February 19th and run through Sunday, February 23rd. I planned it this way to ensure you’re ready and focused on Monday, February 24th to hit the ground running! (Oh yeah, we are about to do this!!!)

2.  Each day, you’ll receive a thought-provoking email and downloadable worksheet to guide you through an actionable exercise. I recommend doing each exercise in the evening, once your day has calmed down from your hustle. (I also recommend grabbing a nice glass of wine or your favorite cup of tea).

3. That’s it! I’m not here to waste your time with the fluff—we have things to do.

So are you ready to get your personal and professional life moving in the direction you desire again?


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