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One of my favorite things to do is to go online and go on a Virtual Shopping Spree! That’s right, with an unlimited shopping budget, I go to all my favorite fashion websites and add my items to my cart without a care in the world!

Now when it’s actually time for me to check out and purchase, well that’s another story… LOL!

Shopping online can be exciting and convenient, but it also has its set of challenges.

Here are my top 5 tips on how to shop online like a pro:

1. Always check new receipts and sale sections first, when updating your wardrobe with new fashion pieces. Just because an item is sold online, does not mean that the inventory is unlimited. So be the first to get that amazing hot item, and don’t miss out on those last chance deals in your size!

2. Pay attention to the customer reviews. Customers are very honest. If a product is ill fitting, or the quality of the material is questionable… they are going to spill it!

3. Always check the size scale of each brand to ensure you are ordering the right size. All brands have different size scales. You can be a size 10 in one brand and a size 8 in another.

4. Sign up for the mailing list to be alerted of exclusive discounts. The savings you can receive via private email can be so worth it. Consider opening a separate email address specifically for online shopping.

5. Always check the return policy, and make sure you’re clear on the terms. Sometimes the shipping can cost more than the item to return. Especially if the item is from another country.

Happy Shopping!!!


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