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Drawer of Makeup

During this summer heat, no woman alive wants her beauty to be compromised. At POLISHED we believe that the best daily makeup is flawless, natural, and can I dare to say… effortless!

The POLISHED woman craves an effortless routine, that she can master and get done on the go without missing a beat! And with a hectic daily schedule can you blame her?

Also, the truth is that bringing your natural beauty out as we mature in age takes a little work. Don’t get me started on the day I realized that I no longer had cheeks (LOL), blush to the rescue!

Over the past ten years of assisting clients master their wardrobe and beauty routine, I realized that women crave an effortless makeup routine. So I’ve developed a 5 Step POLISHED method to achieve an effortless natural look overtime, and here are a few of my favorite products to get you there!

Start with a clean and primed face ready to go…

STEP 1: FOUNDATION – To even your skin tone out

STEP 2: BLUSH – To give your face depth and dimension

STEP 3: EYBROWS – To Define and frame the face

STEP 4: MASCARA – To open up those eyes and show your femininity

STEP 5: LIP – To bring your look home!


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