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We live in a world where how you present yourself matters… including your personal brand. Managing and developing your personal brand can be a major game changer and help you thrive in your personal and professional life. Your personal brand is defined by the way you dress and groom yourself, as well as how you carry yourself and make an impact. This can change over time–however, it’s very important to reevaluate and regularly update your image and style as you evolve in your lifetime. These are the Top 3 Reasons to Manage your Personal Brand:

Reason 1 – Control Your First Impression

I’ve said time and time again that making a good first impression matters! Whether it’s in your professional career or personal life–the way you influence the room and what you bring to the table is everything.

Did you know it only takes a person 7-15 seconds for someone to formulate a first opinion of you?

In no more than 15 seconds, a person will speculate

  1. Your Profession
  2. Both your income and education level
  3. Your social habits and lifestyle
  4. And more…

The way you dress makes up 75% of your first impression. Therefore, it’s important dress the way you wish to be approached and treated.

Reason 2 – Builds Self Esteem

I’ve worked with hundreds of women from all around the world and I can confidently say, “Confidence comes from authentically representing yourself, and knowing you’re looking the part!”

Personal style is all about self expression and feeling invincible in your wardrobe choices. It’s important to put some thought and time into your fashion choices that best represents you and makes you feel good in your own skin.

Trust me, I’ve been everything from a size 8 to 18. As a plus size woman, I committed to learning the right fabrics, colors, and cuts for my shape. And let me tell you, I was more confident as a plus size woman than I ever was when I was a size 8. Why? Because I knew I was doing it right and was still beautiful!

When you love what you wear, it shows and it can even be inspiring to others.

Reason 3 – It’s Ultimately Your BRAND

Yep, that’s right! You, my friend, are a brand.

How you present yourself, leaves a lasting impression in others and can be your superpower to navigating your professional and personal life.

When someone thinks of you, what do you want them to think about? What do you want to represent?

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We’re all still trying to figure it out! Let me help you develop and manage your personal brand so you can use it to your advantage. These top 3 reasons to manage your personal brand will transform the way you carry yourself and how you are approached by others. Let your personal brand be your super power and position you for success every time.

Contact me if you still need a little help developing and managing your personal brand. This is what I do!

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