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Managing your professional image is one of the major keys to success! It’s your non-verbal way of communicating that you mean business and are ready for whatever work/life throws at you. Taking your professional image seriously is not shallow in any way–you have to think of it as dressing for success and reflecting your skill set through your wardrobe and confidence. Learn how to manage your professional image so it becomes natural and your super power!

When I was a new college graduate, I took my professional image very seriously. With my first paycheck, I purchased 3 suits that changed the trajectory of my life. Dressed in tailored suiting with, of course, a personal flair, I was able to send a non-verbal message to the senior staff that I was mature, professional, and serious about my career. Within 6 months, I was chosen to travel the world representing my company and I never looked back!

When it comes to developing a strong professional image, there are 3 steps you must take:

1. Dress the Part:

You might have the education and experience–but if you are not dressing professionally, I guarantee you that you are doing yourself a disservice. What we wear has the power to communicate who we are, what we stand for, and where we are going. I work with many HR departments every year that often want to promote an employee, but are hesitant because their professional image is lacking.

2. Perfect your Body Language:

Learn to manage your facial expressions and body language. We say A LOT without saying anything at all. Your facial expressions, posture, and gestures have the power to impress and react to those around us. Therefore, invest some time and energy in noticing how you communicate through your body language–and your clothes.

3. Always be Authentic:

There is nothing worse than having to pretend like you are someone you are not. And to be honest with you, it simply does not work. Over time, people can see through the act, or you will eventually burn out. I recommend that you take the time to find a comfortable, appropriate, and confident balance in the way you professionally present yourself and your authentic personality! YOU, my friend, are a valuable asset. Companies do not want robots, they want talented, professional individuals who bring every time they show up to work!

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Once you develop your professional image–managing it will be easy! I will teach you step-by-step how to keep up with your professional image and how to use it to your advantage. Take control of your first impression and manage your professional image by contacting me today!

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