Ready to get your style back on track?


I love chatting with female professionals in all industries to discuss business, life, personal style and wardrobe development! So when Patti from Up Your Creative Genius invited me on her Podcast, I happily accepted.

Patti is an amazing coach and speaker who teaches her clients how to be visual thinkers to activate change in their lives. Her clients are tired of staying in their comfort zone, and are ready to step into the future they desire.

Weekly, I teach amazing women how to take control of their style and image and use it as a tool to position themselves to live their absolute best lives!

I have used style from the time I was a very young woman to communicate who I was and where I was going in LIFE! Great intentional personal style has always been my secret weapon to gaining success.

Want to hear me talk about my journey as a professional and one of the major mistakes women are making when they are building their wardrobe? Click here to listen!


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