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As you prepare your Fall/Winter 2021 Fashion Wardrobe, I wanted to guide you with the POLISHED FW2021 Trend Report

This season it’s essential to take inventory of what you currently already own, so you can replace worn out and non-fitting items. Then you can add a few updated items to get you ready for the upcoming fashion season.

This season is all about dressing intentionally and making an individual statement while practical, but that does not mean we can’t do it in style! It’s all about simply expressing the individual you are!! And the FW2021 Trend Report illustrates just that!

I totally understand that creating looks can be overwhelming, which is why I do what I do! However, out of all the responsibilities that come with image consulting, my favorite is teaching. I love writing these blog posts to teach you all the ways to keep your wardrobe up to date, embrace your personal style, and how to dress for anything you want in life!

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Enjoy the Trend Report!

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