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There’s no better time to plan a Staycation than the beginning of the year. Between COVID-19, Politics, Homeschooling, and navigating a business through this pandemic, sometimes you just need a time out!

It’s the perfect time to schedule yourself a nice Staycation before you burn out!

I hit this point a few weeks ago and decided it was time for me to rest, rejuvenate, reflect, and recharge! 2020 was a wild one. I wanted to go into 2021 clear and focused.

So I scheduled myself a nice Staycation about 25 minutes from my home at the Wharf in Washington, DC.

When planning a Staycation, it’s important not to overthink it! When your gut is telling you it’s time to go, trust it before everything goes bad (I know you know what I’m talking about LOL).

How to Easily Plan a Staycation -

These are the 3 Easy Steps I take when it’s time to quickly schedule a much needed Staycation:

Step One – Review your calendar and block your time! I recommend a minimum of 2 nights so you can settle in, sleep in, and unwind.

Step Two – Book yourself a nice room using one of the discount travel websites. My favorite is Book a room in the environment that soothes and makes your soul happy. I personally love the water and city lights, so that’s why I chose the Wharf.

Step Three – Throw your stuff in a bag and just GO! Don’t over think it, just grab the same grooming products, makeup, and clothes you use everyday. And I always throw in an easy evening look because you never know (I don’t mind going out to nice dinners alone, with 3 active boys I find them peaceful).

So that’s it, my friend! You don’t need an agenda, just go with the flow. And if you need a little help packing, download my packing guide by clicking HERE!

Plan a Staycation in 3 Steps -

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