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Develop Individual Style in 4 Simple Steps

"Don't waste another second feeling insecure about your appearance!"

Fresh out of college, navigating the corporate fashion world was daunting at first, especially when I desired to to separate myself from my peers and had yet to develop individual style. I wanted to be a shaker and a mover, not just another associate!

I knew that in order to separate myself from the pack, I needed to develop my professional style and image.

Initially I struggled, something many women face when they are going through a life transition. But trading in my sporty casual trendy street clothes for more professional and polished outfits was a major game changer and was a huge factor in my career success.

Now let’s talk about developing your individual style…

If you are feeling like you’ve lost your style, or desire to dress authentically and effortlessly, then read on!

First of all, you are not alone. Every single woman on planet Earth goes through life transitions. Within those transitions our relationships, careers, and lifestyles change—just to name a few. What’s important to know is that your wardrobe also must change to reflect the woman you have become, and are becoming.

Check in with yourself to see how what you’re wearing every day makes you feel. Dress for the woman you want to be and pay attention to the woman you are becoming. THAT is how you need to dress!

STYLE is a secret weapon. And the best part? We can ALL learn to use it!

If you need some help on how to harness your individual style, please join me on Wednesday, November 18th at 7:00pm (EST) to learn HOW TO DEVELOP INDIVIDUAL STYLE IN 4 SIMPLE STEPS.

During this Master Class, you will learn:

  • How to honor your individual style
  • How to always ensure you are appropriate
  • How to define the different categories of dress
  • How to develop your style and wardrobe with the 4 step proven Polished Method

This Event has already passed. However, you can join the waiting list for the next Master Class Below:

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