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Personal taste is what you need to make your style great

I can’t tell you how many women tell me that they don’t have personal taste when it comes to style. And I’m here to tell you that’s definitely not true!

Everyone has likes and dislikes, and within the world of fashion, that fact still holds true.

Back in the Oakland/San Francisco Bay Area, as a young woman working hard to make something of myself… let’s just say my style choices were fluid. LOL

On any given day I could dress to carry the persona of a hip urban teen, a Berkeley hippie, or an up and coming fashion professional. What can I say? I was heavily influenced by my environment. However, as I got older, things changed.

Despite my travels to New York, Asia and Europe to develop fashion collections, I consequentially developed my own point of view!

The trends were no longer working for me. I could care less about what the celebrities were doing. Even though I definitely took note of what they were wearing (it’s my job).

Style confidence = Self confidence

All I began to care about was what I liked including what outfits and colors would compliment my body shape and skin tone. What I had become over the years was my own personal Style Editor!

Taste Level…

After working with hundreds of women from around the world, I’ve found that every woman, regardless of her level of love for fashion and style has a taste level. And knowing what it is, takes the stress out of getting dressed in the morning or feeling like an imposter.

As we develop ourselves personally and professionally, we no longer need to look outside of ourselves to find inspiration for who we want to be. Therefore, we must show up as ourselves and honestly, that’s the only way a Polished Woman wants to show up. It is called personal style (taste) after all, which can only come from Y-O-U!

Now, click HERE, to read up on the different Style Personalities and find one or two that resonates with you. If you need a little more help, don’t hesitate to contact me for an In-Depth Style Personality Consultation by clicking HERE.


What's Your Taste Level? Everyone has a sense of style

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