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I am over-the-moon ecstatic to share jean trends for women over 40! I honestly can’t say enough about jeans. They have been a wardrobe staple for years, and some of my favorite outfits of all times have included a great pair of jeans!

I can always tell how a woman feels about herself by the jeans she is wearing. It’s the one item that I tell women 40 and over to update with the current trends. Nothing ages you more, than an outdated pair of jeans! So if you are walking around with ornamented back pockets, this post is for you with love…

Listen, a great pair of quality jeans can easily be dressed up or down. Simply throw a pair in your work bag to create a chic happy hour look. I’m talking pure powerful Clark Kent/Super Man transformation! (lol)

Now, many women over 40 worry about if they can wear distressed jeans and my answer is… ABSOLUTELY! Just respect your personal taste and watch the placement of the distressing. You never want it bringing attention to a part of your body that you are sensitive about.

Who said jean trends for women over 40 didn’t make a powerful statement? So to make sure that you’ve got the latest 411, here are the 3 current trending styles that will update your outfits and have you feeling amazing immediately!


Jennifer Lopez in denim
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Tip: If you would like to minimize the bottom half of your body, pick a dark wash and let the hem go beyond the ankle so they gather naturally at the bottom.

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TIP: This classic silhouette is reemerging and is perfect for the woman that loves to feel ahead of the trends in an artistic, romantic, and dramatic way. Make sure you get them tailored to the right length to ensure you don’t get overwhelmed by the denim.

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Tip: To avoid looking frumpy and a fashion victim, keep the distress at a minimum, if at all. If you want distress on the knee, don’t also have it on the bottom. If you want it on the bottom, avoid a pair that also has distress on the knees. This will ensure you’re age appropriate and not doing too much!

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