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Style and Image Consultant, Robin Fisher wearing a bold colored hot pink T-shirt dress with black sandals.

The Summer heat is coming, regardless if we like it or not! So I wanted to let you know what I’ve been wearing! Obviously, since parties and gatherings have been put on hold for quite some time, fancy is not the vibe we are going for. These looks are simple to replicate and cute in any way, shape or form!

I take a lot of stress out of my morning by pre-planning my looks on Sunday night based on my week. Since I’m working 100% virtually with clients right now, I focus on dressing from the top up, keeping my bottoms basic and comfortable. I want to be free enough to sit comfortably for prolonged periods of time while also not feeling restricted when I walk around to take a breather.

Now, while the current landscape proves to be safer by staying indoors, I still want to look good when I step outside. Dressing in a way that makes you feel amazing lifts your mood. So why not?

Check out what I’ve been wearing…

Woman in oversized shirt and jeans
Oversized Shirts
Woman in stripe shirt with gold necklace
Classic Stripes
Woman in black body suit and jeans- Check out what Robin is wearing
Body Suits
Woman in pink dress and gladiator sandals- What this stylist is wearing this Summer
Bold Color
Woman in slip dress - What is Robin wearing this Summer?
Slip Dresses

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