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2020 is here and at Polished we are fired up about starting a new decade! This year it’s all about setting the foundation for the next phase of our life. In fact, this new decade is going to be all about embracing our true selves by committing to being the absolute best most genuine version of ourselves!

Here are 3 things to keep in mind this year that are sure to become positive habits to set you up for success in the years to come:

1. Stop, reflect and pause. Really take the time to deeply reflect and re-evaluate yourself and prioritize your new goals. This will help you on your way to achieving the best version of yourself through your personal style and image. Remember how powerful your personal image is and how dressing like a boss can lead to a promotion or having your pitch selected at a board meeting.

2. Lighten your load, and reduce your stress. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with all the projects, work, family events, and daily tasks you’ve got on your never ending to-do list. Keep your sanity your top priority and know when to say no. Whether it’s finally hiring a cleaning service to put you at ease over housekeeping or signing up for one of those meal kit deliveries to take your mind off grocery shopping and deciding what to cook a few times a week… choosing convenience in some aspects of your life leaves room for quality to improve in other aspects!

3. Buy less, invest in quality. There’s only so much a person can dress with a closet exclusive to trends! Instead, make sure to invest in quality basics that you can re-wear and will last! Just having a classic black pencil skirt will be able to create at least a dozen different outfits.

If you find yourself stumped on how to fully cultivate the style and image for “Your Best Self”, I encourage you to take the POLISHED Style Quiz to discover what’s been holding you back from that confident individual style and image you desire. Receive a 4-step road map that will assist you in updating your look and getting dressed in 2020 easier than ever before!

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