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Behind every Polished woman is a powerful squad of girlfriends like no other. You know, the real ones! — Our girls that always have a full glass of wine ready for us when the week has just driven us up the wall. The ones that will pick up our kids from school when we get stuck in endless bumper-to-bumper traffic. They will stay up late with you to help you practice your business proposal over and over and OVER. And will never ignore you in the group chat. — All these lovely ladies in your life who have helped mold you into the Polished woman that you are today!

During this time of year when we can’t help but be thankful for all the craziness that is Christmas time, our girlfriends get us through with their witty texts and “you wouldn’t believe what happened this Thanksgiving” stories. Although we wish them the world and all the happiness and good health, its hard to wrap that up and tie a bow around it. Which is why I’ve compiled some items that would be perfect to gift your girls this holiday season to show them how much you appreciate them.

Whether you’re part of a small tribe or even still regularly gather with your high school crew and sorority sisters, these gifts are sure to merit an “Ohmygosh I LOVE IT!!!” And you don’t even have to tell them you got it from me… LOL!

Discovered this amazing brand this summer while in Atlanta! Walked into a boutique and the scent took my breath away.
Yep, that pretty much sums it up! LOL
What girl doesn’t like cocktail accessories?
A Polished woman loves to have her stuff together and turn it up a notch or two every now and then…
This amazing curated earring set made me want to reopen my second hole from college! LOL However, I’m going to settle on just using one earring at a time and the ear cuff.
I adore this cruelty free and green nail polish, and all the classic and fashion forward colors they offer.

Nope that’s not it!

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