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Seasons change and the weather is versatile, but so is the Polished woman! The Polished woman is ready to hustle and succeed no matter the circumstance. Her wardrobe, like herself, is ready for it all!

Luckily, being a Polished woman doesn’t mean you have to learn all on your own! In fact, my favorite part of styling is teaching my clients how to dress to feel and look their best which then translates into their professional and personal lives. One of those things that I teach clients is how to dress for the seasons and never compromise your style no matter the temperature highs and lows.

These looks I’m sharing with you are catered to Polished women who live in areas where it cools down starting in Fall. But don’t get me wrong, pieces can be swapped out for different materials and styles so those in warmer climates can stay fresh too!

The Key to an amazing wardrobe is having the basics in neutral colors (Black, Navy Blue, Grey, and Brown), to pull any look together! During the Fall and Winter season, it’s all about care free and easy looks that make you look amazing. My favorite neutral is black, so please use the following as inspiration for your Polished FW19 looks, but change the neutral based on your own personal taste:

Office Look:

Evening Dinner Look:

Mom On-the-Go Look:

Lazy Sundays Look:


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