it's time to reclaim your personal style and LEVEL UP?

Take the QUIZ!


Ladies, don’t be fooled or discouraged by those with effortless personal style because the truth is, “To look that effortless, takes effort”.  If you have committed to not letting another fashion season pass you by without reconnecting to your personal style, then this post is for you!  In a few weeks the weather will transition which means it’s the perfect time to start planning for your Fall/Winter 2018 wardrobe.

The fashion industry has been getting ready for months! Designers have been working on collections since last Spring and their collections were debuted during the international Fashion Weeks (New York, London, Milan, Paris) earlier this year for the entire world to see. The buyers have carefully selected their merchandise from the runways, and it’s currently being delivered to a retail store near you.

Now it’s time for us to do our part! At the beginning of every season I work with clients to create a personal style story board. The storyboard is filled with trends and looks pulled from fashion editorial magazines such as Vogue, Marie Claire, or printed looks from the web which they love. Remember, the key to building a fabulous and fierce working wardrobe is filling it with items that make your heart throb!

To get started you’ll need a piece of white paper, scissors, double-sided tape, a stack of current fashion magazines and your favorite store catalogs.  I prefer to create paper style story boards because once your story board is created, you can hang it near your closet and it acts as a guide to do the following:



1. Take inventory of what you already own (helps you avoid overspending)
2. Build a list of what you’re going to need (prevents you from becoming overwhelmed while shopping)
3. Spot the items you’re going to need in stores (remember, pre-Fall merchandise is already being delivered)
4. Act as a guide when getting dressed when the season starts (tape it to your closet door)
5. Build confidence (because you took the time to focus your style and image for the Fall/Winter 2018 season)

Ready ladies? Let’s put in that effort now so we can step out embracing our effortless personal style every day!!!


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