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Having professional style on the run is something every career woman longs for.  Being a Polished woman means that it’s not unusual to find your schedule jam-packed with business meetings, social dinners, and mom duties.  Being pulled in a million directions is just how a professional woman rolls which means that some days our style pays the price, and that never feels good!  So I wanted to share with you 3 tips that I swear by to make sure my professional style stays on point and functions for every aspect of my busy life:


1. Pick your poison – Choose your favorite fashion piece that inspires you for the day and anchor your look with quality basics.  (For some chic basic ideas, refer back to my blog post on must have basics).  This is where a dazzling pair of statement earrings or that amazing Hermes scarf becomes your best friend.  For example, if you’re dying to wear your brand new pair of trendy pumps, throw on a basic neutral (black, Navy, Grey, Cream, or white) dress and step out ready to rock your day!

2. Pick a power color and keep stepping – Basic blouses in solid colors are the best when it comes to getting dressed in a pinch.  Some of my favorite fashion colors are orange, coral and muted yellow.  I’m constantly on the hunt for quality button downs and under pinnings for suits in these colors.  In a pinch I simply grab a fashion color top, my favorite basic black or navy pencil skirt, a pair of Polished pumps and head out the door!

3. Outfit prep on Sundays for the week – Now, I will admit this is a trick my grandmother taught me because I was always making my family late for school in the morning.  The truth is that I was very particular and hated feeling insecure because of how I dressed.  I realized when I transitioned into high school that as long as I prepared my looks ahead of time, I saved time and my self esteem for the day.  I always have 5-7 outfits hanging in my closet paired with accessories, ready to throw on at a moment’s notice.  This method allows me to be dressed in 25 minutes and conquer the day with my personal style intact.  If you need a little help getting organized for the week download the Polished Weekly Planner by clicking the image below!




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