Ready to get your style back on track?



During the Summer months, I give myself the license to just GO!!!  And although I dearly love my husband and 3 boys, sometimes I just need to be around fabulous women to balance my chi.

You don’t even need a reason to celebrate!  Just grab your best girls and hit the road or take flight for a couple days of long overdue girl chat, laughing until your heads fall off and indulging like its your birthday!

Before every girls trip I always ask myself 3 questions: 

  1. What’s the vibe of the ladies I’m rolling with?
  2. What activities will we be doing?
  3. What image am I trying to project?

In a couple of weeks I’m heading to a luxury resort for the weekend with a girlfriend that has a cool, creative, and edgy vibe.  I see us enjoying a few cocktails poolside, having an amazing dinner with a chic ambiance, ending the evening at a rooftop bar and enjoying brunch in the morning.  Since this trip is not all about boozy nights and partying like if I were heading to Miami, I’m going with a sophisticated and updated vibe.

Here are a few looks I put together to ensure I don’t over pack and represent myself the way I desire.  If you need a little bit more help on how to Pack Like a Pro, you can download the Polished worksheet here.


Saturday Day Look

Saturday Evening Look

Sunday Brunch Look