Your style is personal and unique to you. It sets you apart from your peers and colleagues and communicates a strong first impression. This is why nailing your style personality is important! How you present yourself to the world tells your story and defines your vibe.

The first thing I do before I work with a styling client is identify their Style Personality–which translates as their “Personal Taste Level.” You might not think you have a taste level, but trust me, you do! Now, it’s time to define it! So keep reading if you want the info you need to get clear on your personal taste!

As you begin to refine and build your wardrobe, the first thing I want you to do is define your Style Personality! Defining your Style Personality will allow you to confidently create outfits you genuinely love, and save you money! Which means no more buying items that you will never wear.

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To identify your Style Personality, follow these 3 steps:

STEP 1 – Think about your favorite outfit of all time

What was it? How did it fit? How did you feel when you wore it? (Write everything down, then go to the next step).

STEP 2 – Find Style inspiration that resonates with you

Magazines are rare nowadays, so I recommend simply going on Pinterest! It’s a visual search engine that has every style imaginable. Pick 5-7 looks you like and look for the similarities.

STEP 3 – Audit your closet and take notes

It’s time to really take inventory. Go through your closet and identify the items you constantly gravitate towards. What are they? Are they simple? Are they trendy and/or colorful? Who designed them?

Now that you’ve got all the facts, you should see some similarities and common themes between your favorite outfit, your style inspiration, and your current wardrobe.

Here are the 6 Style Personality Types that define a woman’s style. Select the one that resonates with your personal findings the most. And this my friend, is your Style Personality, and it’s time to confidently own it!

(Resonate with more than one? Need to dive a little deeper? Don’t hesitate to contact me to book an In-Depth Style Personality Assessment)



Highly creative and expressive. Loves to play with color and prints to create individual looks they can call their own! These women are all about individuality and feeling good in their clothes. How they wake up in the morning is how they get dressed.


Go ahead girl, make that entrance! For the dramatic woman–it’s all about showing up and showing out! Bold details and tastefully over the top looks are your thing! From a statement accessory to a work dress, it will not be ordinary. When you love it, you love it, and that’s all that matters.

*Style Tip – Always check the dress code to ensure your outfit is appropriate for the occasion. This will ensure you manage your dramatic style and show up confident!

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You embody everything about being a lady! High heels and skimming dresses are your thing! Dainty details such as lace and ruffles make your heart throb. No tomboy here!

*Style Tip – Always check your skirt lengths, fit, and cleavage to ensure you are not coming across as tacky–but elegant. I recommend choosing one sexy exposure at a time. If you want to show cleavage, choose a longer skirt. If you want to show some legs, cover up the cleavage and strut your stuff!

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Timeless quality is your vibe! A lover of Parisian style and outfits that never go out of style. Your wardrobe is filled with basic items, that coordinate with each other effortlessly.

*Style Tip – To make your classic style your own, add solid colors that compliment your natural coloring and resonate with you!

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If it’s not comfortable, you’re not interested! It’s not necessarily about rocking the bohemian style for you. You might actually resonate with one of the other style personality types. But if any outfit or wardrobe item is too much fuss, you’d rather stay in your sweats!

*Style Tip – The good news is with all the different fabric options that are available today, there is no reason for any woman to be uncomfortable. Take your time and find the fabrics that feel good against your skin, and give you the movement and flexibility you need to function comfortably. Don’t settle!

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You love looking fashionable and current without looking trendy. You don’t have the time to follow fashion like you did in your younger years, but adding a trend or two to your existing wardrobe every season is a must to prove to yourself, and the world, that “girlfriend still has it going on!”

*Style Tip – At the beginning of every season, pick your poison by reviewing the current fashion trends and choosing your faves! Then, identify what you have in your closet that fits the trends you love, and then schedule a shopping trip to pick a few more items to finish refreshing your wardrobe. (You can always find the current TREND REPORT here.)

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What’s your Style Personality? If you still don’t know, click the button below and lets work together to find out!

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