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While some may love the thrill of clicking “add to cart,” others may find it overwhelming. Or perhaps you fall into the large number of online shoppers who are unhappy with their purchases once they arrive. Although online shopping is convenient, it can result in a significant waste of time if you don’t do it right. And yes, there is a correct way to online shop.

Additionally, considering how strict e-commerce sites can be with their return/exchange policies, ordering the wrong items could end up being a costly mistake. So now that a new season approaches and it’s time to update your closet, I want to help!

"Add to cart" like a pro + become an online shopping expert!

Learning these tips will help your online shopping experience become much more pleasant and successful:

  1. Always check new arrivals and sale sections first when updating your wardrobe with new fashion pieces. Remember that online inventory is not unlimited! So if you love it, “add to cart” and don’t miss out on those last chance deals in your size!
  2. Study the customer reviews. Customers are very honest, especially very happy or extremely disappointed ones. If an item is ill fitting or the quality of the material is questionable… they are going to let you know!
  3. Take a look at the size scale of each brand to ensure you are ordering the right size. All brands have different size scales. You can be a size 10 in one brand and a size 8 in another. Also, checking the reviews to see what is said about the sizing will be helpful as well!
  4. This can get annoying, but if you LOVE a brand, sign up for their mailing list. The savings you can receive via exclusive email can be so worth it. Consider opening a separate email address specifically for online shopping.
  5. Ensure you understand the return/exchange policies and that you’re clear on the terms. Sometimes the shipping can cost more than the item to return. Especially if the item is from another country. And take note that final sale items means no returns or exchanges allowed, which can be a risk.

Now that you know what it takes to expertly shop online… shop on fearlessly!

Add to cart like a pro - become an online shopping expert

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