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At the heart of every organization’s success lies the professional image of its employees.

How professionals present themselves to existing and potential clients makes a statement about who they are and the organization they represent. So it’s imperative that employees dress appropriately and make a strong first impression.

Whether your company’s dress code is traditional, business casual, uniformed, or somewhere in between, employees often struggle with balancing an updated, individual style with a professional corporate dress code.

Robin Fisher offers a solution to this dilemma with programs and services that bridge the gap between your attire requirements and your employees’ individual style. With extensive international and domestic business experience as a fashion executive, major department store buyer and a successful entrepreneur, Robin understands what it takes to develop well-dressed, confident leaders with a POLISHED ID.

Each program and service is customized to the specific needs of each organization and staff, so don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Style Session and 
lookbook Creation

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