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Fall is just around the corner and I have MORE Pre-Fall Finds for my Polished Women! I want you all to show up ready and dress confidently as we approach the Fall season. This season is about new beginnings and transitioning. It gets us excited about the cooler weather and holiday spirits! Since Fall fashion […]

POLISHED 2022 Pre-Fall Clothing Finds

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This post contains affiliate links. By using my links to shop I may receive a small commission (at no cost to you). Thanks for supporting POLISHED. Fall is right around the corner and I want my Polished ladies to be ready! Although I love Summer–I have to admit, Fall is definitely my favorite season. This season […]

Polished Pre-Fall Finds

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I know not all of us are planners and tend to do everything last minute–like figuring out what to wear! But the key to being well-dressed is being prepared. Knowing how to plan your outfits for the week will save you time, relieve your morning stress, and help you look amazing. Imagine being able to […]

How to Plan Your Outfits for the Week

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The secret weapon of many women with great style is their Tailor! Even though I am from a family of master tailors and was known for making my outfits for the party or even school at the last minute, I never understood the power of a tailor until I was good and grown, with a […]

Want Great Style? Hire a Tailor

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The “Key” to being well dressed is being prepared. By planning your outfits on Sunday evenings for the week, you reduce the morning stress, look amazing, and are dressed to conquer your day! There are three things you should ask yourself when planning outfits for your work week: Where am I going? What am I […]

How to plan your Outfits for the week – Free Worksheet!

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The key to getting dressed in the morning with ease is having the basics you need to pull your look together effortlessly. Many times, we focus on the fashion elements and forget about the items we need to simply piece a look together. Have you ever had the perfect blouse that you love, but can’t […]

Must-Have Wardrobe Essentials For Fall 2019

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When I think of personal appearance, the first word I think about is POWER! I often tell people during conversations on personal style and image to never underestimate the power of an amazing outfit. Over 20 years ago, with my first full-time check fresh out of college, I purchased 3 suits and 6 months later […]

YOU Are a Brand – Define Your Personal Style Statement

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  Ladies, don’t be fooled or discouraged by those with effortless personal style because the truth is, “To look that effortless, takes effort”.  If you have committed to not letting another fashion season pass you by without reconnecting to your personal style, then this post is for you!  In a few weeks the weather will […]

How to Reconnect with Your Personal Style

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“Body Language is your second language”   Social and visual media have seriously changed the game!  Regardless if you choose to pose for the camera or not, someone is always taking a picture, recording, or posting around you.  Therefore, investing some time and energy into your personal presence and body language is truly a power […]

Body Language is Your Most Captivating Accessory

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