it's time to reclaim your personal style and LEVEL UP?

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Beautiful woman sitting on the ground working on her laptop, with miscellaneous papers.

As you head back into the office, it’s time to level up your professional image to ensure you look the part and feel confident going to work! I have curated three mindset shifts to help you do just that! Looking the part will help elevate you into those spaces you’re striving to be in–whether it’s a promotion or changing career paths all together–when it’s obvious to your employer that you’re showing up and meaning business, that extra effort will help catapult you into those budding career aspirations. And I am here to help!

The pandemic definitely took all of us through changes and challenges, and our wardrobe simply could not keep up! The days of wearing “sophisticated loungewear” or not putting too much thought into getting dressed are OVER. The break was nice, but no matter if you are still working from home, back in the office, or a hybrid blend… dressing for success and looking the part should not be placed on the back burner!

Beautiful woman sitting on the ground working on her laptop, with miscellaneous papers.

While you think your organization does not care about your current dress–trust me, HR teams and Sr. Managers are watching. Why? Because you represent the company and set the tone for the workplace environment. So don’t let your professional image and style hold you back or fall short of how you want to represent yourself and your job! Regardless if you are still working remotely or heading back into the office, “Your Image Matters”!

Here are 3 Mindset Shifts You Need to Make in Order to Level Up Your Image and Style Now!

1. It takes just as long to get dressed and look blah, as it does to look amazing.

2. At any given time your body is 75% covered in clothing so make it count!

3. When you get dressed in the morning, it sets the intention for your day.

You are NOT alone if you feel overwhelmed about getting your style back together. I know that our lifestyles have relaxed, but we still have business to do. So as you clean out your closets, make a list of your current needs and edit out what’s no longer working for you. As women professional, it’s time for all of us to level up so we can get back to business and become successful!

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