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Quote - "Every piece of jewelry has a story"

When it comes to must-have accessories, there are 5 basic jewelry items that every woman should own and love! Keeping your accessories simple is the key to not feeling overwhelmed when getting dressed in a pinch.

We all have had those mornings, where we are in a rush, but still need our style to be on point!

Accessories complete and elevate any outfit, and there are definitely occasions when a trendy accessory is needed. However, there are 5 classic jewelry accessories that will have you covered through the Fall and Summer seasons.

I highly recommend every POLISHED woman own these 5 Must-Have Accessories below to ensure she looks effortlessly stylish every day!

First, you want to commit to your metal of choice (silver or gold), and then pick the right style for you.

Regularly, in the mornings I find I have on all my basic accessories before I even choose my outfit because I know without them, I will just look blah!!!

Here are the 5 accessories to ensure you stay looking POLISHED everyday without the stress!

5 must-have accessories including studs, hoops, pendant necklace, watch, and statement necklace.
  1. Stud – A quality stud finishes your look everyday with little effort.
  2. Hoops – Jazz up your look in an instant with a great pair of hoops!
  3. Pendant Necklace – Add a focus point to your look with a simple necklace. It’s also on trend to layer them if you would like.
  4. Classic Watch – Send the message that you are professional and timely without having to say a single a word. The best part is that a metal watch looks like a bracelet.
  5. Chain Statement Necklace – Adding a chain statement necklace upgrades your look instantly. Rock it with a t-shirt and jeans or likewise with your professional business look!







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To lock in that confidence, be sure that your accessories match your personal style. And if you can’t quite define your personal style, then download your personal style statement workbook today. Sometimes it helps to write it all down and as a result, you’ll feel ready to take on each day!

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