Ready to get your style back on track?


I am not going to lie, as a stylist, part of my job is being your weather reporter. So here I am again, warning you of the season changing and telling you to prepare for temperature drops. Bring back out those Winter layers, scarves and boots because I’m predicting a 100% chance of fabulously dressed Polished women thriving all season long!

Most importantly, don’t forget that a new season calls for going through your closet and making sure you have what you need to dress for success. Of course, I understand more than anyone, that you may not have the time to figure out what’s in this season, which is why I have fully prepared your Trend Report for FW19! It’s completely free and can be found on my website or just click the cover picture below for a direct link. This season’s report includes colors to flaunt, styles to incorporate, runway inspo and MORE!