Ready to get your style back on track?



Weather sure can affect a person’s individual style. One thing about living on the East Coast, is you have to have multiple wardrobes! There is absolutely no way around it! Trust me, I tried it when I first moved to DC from the San Francisco Bay Area. Let’s just say, I was freezing my first Winter and I’m not even going to get into how I struggled during the Summer months… but my style was cute! LOL

So every season, as we transition our closets we need to take note of what must be replaced, and what we need to add to update our style for the season.I also recommend reviewing all your fashion items at this time to determine if an item has become dated. Trends change and evolve as should your personal style. There is nothing worse than having a closet full of dated items, which makes it difficult for you to see the good stuff!

The majority of my wardrobe is filled with classic quality items in my personal colors. However, I do definitely play with trends every season to keep my look fresh and make me feel more youthful!

I know and respect that everyone has a different personal style based on their personal taste level. However, from what I’ve seen while shopping with clients at the malls several times a week , I can truly say there are a few key items that every woman needs to update her style this season. Check out the 5 Must-Haves below you need to add to your wardrobe to instantly update your style this season…


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1. Tank Tops/Body Suits

Although this is honestly the most basic silhouette, don’t overlook it because it’s the most necessary! This basic item can be worn into the office underneath suits, and on the weekends paired with a fun fashion skirt or casual jean. The key here is fit! Choose your strap width based on your body size to ensure you get a sophisticated and polished look. I recommend purchasing all the neutral colors (Black, Navy, White, and Cream).




2. Ankle Pants

I truly love this trend for all ages and sizes. Ditch the Capri pants please and rock ankle length pants. Perfect with a casual flat or tailored pump. This season, they are also selling the silhouette with coordinating blazers. So if you love looking fashion forward, go ahead and rock an ankle pant suit at the office!





3. Denim

This has got to be my favorite category of clothing right now! Why? Because the options are endless!  Don’t ask me why, but I’m really feeling the Mom Jeans this season and I will forever rock a nice dark crisp denim skinny jean. The dark denim reduces the size of my thighs and who doesn’t like to look leaner?




4. Bold Statement Color

Now, I fully admit I’m a color addict! Trust me, when you wear the right color, it’s a major game changer and can boost your style confidence immediately. This season, bold color statements are all the rage. You can pair a new bold colored top with a classic neutral bottom you already own. This way you only have to invest in one piece instead of an entire outfit. However, if you’re really into color, retailers are currently selling coordinating sets, so don’t be afraid to rock your favorite hue from head to toe.





5. Animal Print Something

This trend, comes and goes, but I am more than happy to announce that this season, animal print is here to stay. Any type of animal print you want is currently on retail floors. My absolute favorite is all the colored animal inspired print. Have you ever seen a red zebra? LOL




So there you have it! My two cents on what updates you need this season. If you need more help, don’t hesitate to contact me for a Shopping trip, or a Virtual Seasonal Capsule.

Happy Shopping!!!