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Aqqolade Podcast

If you have goals that you want to obtain in 2017, you need to truly look at your appearance and ask yourself this honest question – Do I look the part? If not, commit to making the change now! Invest the time and energy in getting your style and image together to ensure you have a confident and polished look.Be patient with yourself; remember Rome was not built in a day. You are your biggest asset, so take the time and invest in developing your personal brand starting today!

To get you started, I want you list to a podcast that I did with Aqqolade on style, image and success in the workplace.  During our conversation we discussed the importance of outward appearance and how it impacts confidence  and performance in the workplace.  We also discussed how your style personality dictates where you shop and what to buy.  I’m sure that you will enjoy and learn a lot from this Podcast.  Please click the image below to hear the episode…


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