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Clarins Spa Facials at Nordstrom Pentagon City

Clarins Spa Facials Spring Break

Summer is just around the corner and the best accessory for the season is gorgeous, luminous skin. Get a head start with facials from Clarins at Nordstrom at the Fashion Centre at Pentagon City. For the whole month of April, all 50-minute facials are only $50!

Clarins Skincare is well known for products that are made from botanicals from all over the world making them both effective but gentle and their facials are no different. Developed with concentrated plant extracts, each treatment has been scientifically tested at the Clarins Laboratory and combines these high quality products with skillful movements and attentive hands. Every treatment also includes a full hands and feet massage so you’ll leave feeling completely pampered and beautiful.

No matter what your skin concern, Clarins Treatments are customized for your individual needs. They best respond to your skin and provide immediate but lasting results. The extensive Spa Menu includes both Skin Solution Facials and Anti-Aging Facials.

Clarins Anti-Aging Facials all use the award-winning Clarins Double Serum, which has been proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by 30% while improving skin texture and elasticity. In only one treatment, you can see significant results.

So this April, head over to Nordstrom and prepare for a summer of glowing, youthful skin!




Detox Shine Stopper 

Ideal for gently rebalancing combination or oily skin, a treatment that leaves a perfectly clean, matte complexion with a refined texture.

Moisture Replenisher

A rehydrating treatment that supplies intense moisture to nourish, soften and restore dehydrated skin.

Skin Healer

Developed for sensitive skin, a soothing treatment that repairs and rebalances skin’s natural defense mechanisms and diminishes redness.

Brightening Performer

A brightening treatment that helps reduce the appearance of dark spots—an essential step for restoring the fresh and rosy transparency of youthful-looking skin.


Radiance Reviver

For skin that shows signs of stress due to a busy lifestyle, a rebalancing treatment that refines early wrinkles and tones to leave skin radiant.

Youth Activator

A revitalizing treatment that visibly redefines facial contours, delivering a “lift” effect to help skin appear more replenished and younger-looking.

Luminosity Restorer

A treatment that immediately revives deep luminosity in skin, unlocking a complexion that appears refreshed, smoother and more replenished.