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After silhouette and fit, the most important element to an outfit is color.  Last week I was invited to be a guest on the TV morning show Let’s Talk Live to discuss the impact of color on a persons wardrobe.  One of the services that we offer clients at Polished is a Full Color Analysis.  I don’t follow the seasons because each person is different.  I have been working in the fashion industry with designers, labels, and retailers for over 15 years, so I developed my own system to address the individual.

I put all of my clients under natural light and flash them with 300 colors (guaranteed to be found at retail).   My eye has been trained to see individuals color resonance levels based on their physical makeup (skin, hair, eyes,teeth, etc.) .  If you love light blue, which communicates reliability, I will find the perfect shade for you!  After the color analysis is completed a customized portable color palette is constructed for the individual client (just put in your purse/pocket and go shopping).

Women that have a great sense of style (fashionistas), come to me all the time to make sure they are getting their looks 100% right!  They know they have great style and taste,but  they just want to make sure they are rocking the right colors that make them look their personal best.

Psychologist have been studying the power of color, and the feelings they evoke on people for years.  Check out what I had to say on the matter…

  1. I don’t think people really understand how each person’s color is different from the next. I thought I could wear kelly green but apparantly that’s not my shade of green.

    Since I’ve had my colors done I can see a total difference in how I look and I get compliments all the time now 🙂

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